Research interests

      My prime interest is studying the intricate relationships between seqeunce, structure and function of proteins. In my PhD studies, I focused on protein-protein interatictions, specifically shedding light on determinants of self-association of proteins (quaternary structure), and the phospho-regualtion of transient protein-protein interactions.

      In my post-doctoral sutdies in Tanja Kortemme's lab, I studied the mutational tolerance of proteins, namely computational prediction of mutations that can be tolerated by proteins (specifically HIV-1 proteins that evade drug inhibition via resistance mutations).

      My current post-doctoral studies in the Babbitt lab are centered around developing and applying methods for protein classification via both seqeunce and reaction similarity between enzymes (see the SFLD database). I use classification as a gateway for guiding enzyme design, elucidation of new functions of either characterized or poorly characterized enzymes, and finding novel metabolic pathways in which the enzymes take part. Importatly, I work hand in hand with wet lab experimentalists to verify predictions and suggest mutations.